Government Janitorial Services

Salt Lake City, Provo, Bountiful, Park City and Ogden Areas

Great Janitorial Services:

Anderson Cleaning was started in 1981. We pride ourselves in providing the best janitorial services for our clients.

We stand above the rest because of:
· The chemicals we use.
· The staff we hire.
· The training we provide.
· The insurances and bonds that we maintain.
· The reasonable price for our detailed services.
· How we follow-up with our clients.
· Our supervision of our janitorial services.


Well Trained Staff:

We have a large cleaning staff, providing janitorial services to more than two million square feet of building every day.

Our employees are trained in all areas of janitorial services including:
· Medical Center Cleaning
· Fitness Center Cleaning
· Large Office Buildings
· Carpet Cleaning
· Floor Waxing
· Window Cleaning
· Metal Polishing
· Wood Furniture Care
· MRI Room Safety
· Blood and Hazardous Clean up
· Construction Clean up
· Building Inspections


Stone Cleaning Services

My clients have noticed 3 main differences between working with us and other janitorial companies.

Our clients past experiences with other cleaning companies:
1. Other cleaning companies did not outline what their tasks were
2. Other cleaning companies did not show up when they were scheduled to.
3. Other cleaning companies did not perform the tasks they were supposed to.

Our clients experience with us:
1. We provide you with a detailed janitorial services proposal outlining the tasks we will perform and the schedule for performing those tasks.
2. Our employees show up when there supposed to and are accountable to their supervisors each night.
3. Our employees work is inspected by their direct supervisors ensuring compliance with the task schedule.

Gym cleaning services

We don't just come in to vacuum and run a mop around the floors. We maintain your building to the highest level of janitorial cleaning services. We want to make sure that when your employees and clients walk through your door they enter a comfortable, professional, and clean environment.

As important as it is for your business to show well for your clients it is equally as important for your employees to have a clean working environment. Your employees should be able to focus on their tasks instead of emptying their own garbage, wiping down their desk, cleaning their phone, dusting their computer monitor, or staring at the cobwebs on the ceiling.

Your building cleanliness should reflect your desire to provide a pleasant experience for both your clients and employees.