Courtroom Janitorial Services

We provide janitorial services to:
· Medical and Dental Facilities
· Fitness Centers
· Large and Small Office Buildings
· Government facilities
· Office Complexes and Corporate Buildings
· Malls, Department Stores, and retail Stores
· Stadiums / Event Centers
· Technological Facilities
· Universities and Schools
· Banks
· Resorts and Hotels
· Manufacturing Plants and Industrial Facilities
· Restaurants
· Clubs


Our Equipment:

We have a chemical division of our company that provides us with the best in commercial cleaning chemicals. We test and approve all our chemicals before they touch your building. This helps maintain the integrity of your buildings materials. All our chemicals meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and we keep Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all our chemicals in the janitorial closet where the chemicals are stored. All chemicals are appropriately labeled and are only used for their approved purpose.

For carpet extraction we use the V-Twin Bridgepoint Truck Mounted System. We can clean up to 50,000 square feet of carpet a day with this system, which is the latest in carpet cleaning technology. We also have scrubbers and buffers for resilient floors and a hot water extraction scrubbers for ceramic tile.


Green Cleaning:

Is Green Cleaning important to you? We can clean your building using green clean chemicals.
- Green Cleaning contributes to safer and healthier work environments and reduces the environmental impacts of the cleaning process.
- Green Cleaning contributes to increased workplace wellness and productivity.
- We support Green Cleaning to protect public health without harming the environment. If requested we can provide low environmental impact cleaning services, products, tools, and equipment.

City Building CleaningWe keep you informed. We meet with the operations manager weekly (or less if requested) to discuss any special needs or service changes that may arise. We provide a schedule of all of our detailed cleaning so managers know who will be in the building and when they will perform the work

We inspect our work. We have supervisors, managers, and owners inspect the cleanliness of your building each week ensuring our work meets your expectations. Your satisfaction is our goal.
We work alongside our staff. We provide our staff with the best training in janitorial practices, chemicals, and equipment.

Your satisfaction is our goal.

Having a clean building is your first step to having a successful company.

Top Janitorial Services Your Clients: A persons first impression of your business is made in less than five seconds of entering your front door. That impression is made by the appearance of your building and how they are greeted when they enter. From the appearance of your building 80% of their first impression comes from the cleanliness of your floors.

Your Staff: Your companies productivity is greatly impacted by your staffs impression of their work environment. Their impression of their work environment comes from their surroundings including the condition, quality, and cleanliness of the building they work in. If your building is clean it promotes positive and organized employees that encourage greater work productivity which leads to greater company success.