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We love the combination we have with being a janitorial company and a chemical supply company. For our janitorial service we have access to the best chemicals at a great price so we can provide our clients with the best janitorial services without the added costs. When our clients are running low on paper products, we can order them and have them there the same day instead of waiting three weeks for a different company to get their products delivered.


Janitorial bid on suppliesFor our Chemical Supplies we get to use our chemicals 24 hours a day cleaning everything from medical facilities, to fitness centers, to warehouses, to corporate office buildings. We know what chemicals work and what chemicals do not. We know what products are best to take care of your needs and how to use them. When chemicals are misused they can cause damage to your surfaces, cause health problems, cause more work to clean the surface, or just will not have any effect leaving the surface unclean. We are here to help you cut through all the nonsense. Let our experience make your life easier, your job easier...and the bottom line...your place cleaner.


Contact us and we will provide you with all the information to help you make the right chemical choice.Cleaning Services

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